The Workshop Experience 

Our guests often say that above all else what they appreciate most about the workshop experience is having the luxury of being able to totally immerse themselves in their chosen creative pursuit without having to think about anything else.  There’s no washing, cooking or cleaning to consider, no chores to perform and few compromises to be made.  

We know it is  important to have a free mind when you create and so we try to make it possible for you to explore your creative passion with an uncluttered mind.  We make your bed each day, change your towels mid-week, serve and clear away meals, serve drinks, organise transport and look after you in the best way we can.  

It’s all about the creativity for us and the artists who teach at Chateau Dumas are experts in their craft and generous with their skills and knowledge.  Our two air-conditioned studios are well-equipped and spacious with areas outside where you can work or relax on comfy wicker sofas piled high with soft cushions.    Over the years we have had the honour of hosting many incredible workshops featuring internationally-renowned artists. Read about artists who’ve taught at Chateau Dumas in the past

The workshop always begins with a Sunday morning visit to the colourful farmer’s and craft market in the medieval town of St Antonin Noble Val.  It’s the perfect way to kick off the week and puts you in the right frame of mind for the first session in the studio after a tasty lunch back at the Chateau.

We recommend arriving into Toulouse at least a day before the workshop starts so that you can acclimatise to the time difference and make the most of your stay. Click here for a list of hotels in Paris and Toulouse previously recommended by our guests.

We offer transfers from Toulouse airport, Montauban (Villebourbon) and Caussade train stations on both arrival and departure Saturdays at extra cost. You have the opportunity to book these after you have registered for the workshop.

Our 2020 Workshop Programme

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