About us

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A love of all things creative and a lifelong obsession with textiles has brought Lizzie Hulme to where she is today.  She founded Chateau Dumas near Toulouse in 2005 as a centre for creative workshops because she couldn’t find a venue which offered top-class teaching, luxury accommodation, delicious food and a beautiful learning environment all under one roof.  So she decided to create one! 

More than a decade later people come from all over the world to learn from leading artists and craftspeople and share a unique creative experience with other like-minded souls. Chateau Dumas offers the creatively curious an opportunity to enjoy a great learning experience, delicious food, lovely accommodation and some very special touches.

Lizzie is supported by a super team which includes Sarah, who takes the workshop bookings, Clare, who takes care of social media and Christophe and Kelly who help out regularly at the Chateau. 



Ven-Ven, the chat au chateau, is a handsome, mature pedigree Tonkinese (half Burmese, half Siamese) cat.

Much loved by everyone who visits the Chateau, his main purpose in life is to gently persuade guests to slow down and enjoy the moment. He will sometimes resort to extreme methods to achieve this such as throwing himself at your feet. When he’s not teaching mindfulness Ven-Ven patrols the grounds keeping the resident lizard population in check.